Welcome to the Scenic HWY 395!

This is one of the worlds most traveled and varied vacation highways in the world. From the lowest and hottest point on earth in Death Valley located in the dry Mojave desert to the high Sierra Nevada and White Mountains which are homes to some of the earth’s oldest inhabitants, the Sequoia Redwoods and the Bristlecone Pines as well as the highest point in the contiguous 48 states, Mt. Whitney.

The cities and towns here are as varied as the landscape, desert ghost towns that had their heyday in the California gold rush to some of the most sophisticated weapons development and drone technology juxtaposed to some of the worlds oldest artwork. Cities dedicated to western life and recreation including, fishing, skiing, off roading, cycling and equestrian sports are here and don’t forget hiking and boating of all kinds! I also found some surprises, like dog-sledding and geocaching. The Eastern Sierra Nevada have it all so whatever recreational experience you are seeking, California’s HWY 395 can lead you to it all year round.