Fishing June Lake Loop


June Lake as seen from Oh Ridge. The lake provides plenty of opportunities to make a catch or simply enjoy the afternoon. COURTESY PHOTO

June Lake provides a lot of opportunities to make a catch or simply enjoy an afternoon of quiet contemplation while casting a fishing rod.

The June Lake Loop is a favorite fishing destination for anglers. They come for the Lahontan cutthroat trout (June Lake only), the rainbow trout and the brown trout. Alper’s trout are also planted in the lakes.

Where to Fish
June Lake: Troll the roadside of the lake, hitting the coves, around the marinas. Also, try the far shore near the middle part of the lake. Shore fishing is good along the beach area, across the lake along the steep wall, near the reeds along the west side of the lake, and near Boulder Lodge.


Gull Lake: Many anglers like to work the hole just to the left of the marina, but the favorite spot on the lake is known as The Rock.

Silver Lake: Shore fishing near the parking lot at the south end of the lake is productive. Also, try fishing where Rush Creek enters the lake and around the little islands at the south end. Float tube anglers do well along the southeast shoreline.

Grant Lake: Try fishing where Park Creek and Rush Creek enter the lake. The peninsula is usually a good spot where big brown trout are caught. Sheepherders’ Bay is another favorite spot with locals. Often the Narrows near the marina can be productive.