World-Class BBQ in Big Pine


In 2013, Henry Otten (father) and Matthew Kerley-Otten (son) decided to team up and start a backyard style BBQ business. It focused on taking the BBQ concept and specializing in a friends and family feel. This proved to be quite popular.

In 2015, Copper Top BBQ was awarded the best restaurant in the USA, and with it brought droves of customers trying to check out the small BBQ joint. After some growing pains and quick pivots by Henry and Matt to match the skyrocketing popularity, Copper Top was back on track.

Shortly after, other awards came the duo’s way, for example, best BBQ in California multiple years running, articles about the restaurant in Sunset magazine, among other good press. In 2019, Henry retired and gave the reins to Matt, who has carried on the legacy that the two started together.

Over the years, Copper Top has put the small, sleepy town of Big Pine on the map as a tourist attraction, growing the economy and scope of the surrounding area. It’s even listed in travel books from all around the world as a must-stop, having further reach than even Schat’s bakery in Bishop!